Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

iPad Configuration

All of them!

We support any generation, size, and color of the Apple iPad.

Just make sure you are running iOS 5.0 or greater by going to:
Settings → General → About → Version

Setting up your iPad with the Inside app is a piece of cake!

If you choose to have the iPad setup in kiosk mode, we recommend using a bluetooth keyboard and stand as well as keeping the display on by going to:
Settings → General → Auto-Lock → Never
Just make sure you leave it plugged in!

If you don't, thats fine too, just hand the iPad to your visitors when they sign in and sign out.

We love the Kiosk mode!

The Bluetooth keyboard is an Apple wireless keyboard.

The stand is a silver Stable 2.0 iPad stand by

We also recommend the Targus stylus for easy signatures.

There are two ways to do this...

You can open Safari and browse to your company website or search for your logo, then tap and hold the image and save it to your Photos.

If you have the image on your computer you can email it to yourself, check your email on the iPad, then tap and hold the image and save it to your Photos.

Our suggested guidelines are:

  • Do not integrate your logo into the background theme, the logo floats in the foreground and supports screen rotation
  • Save the logo as a PNG format with transparent background
  • The maximum size is 500px width by 250px height for non-retina displays
  • A retina display uses a doubled size for the max: 1000px width by 500px height
  • If you use the Badge Printing feature, the logo will integrate into the upper-right corner of the printed badges

It's wireless, it's auto-magical!

First, make sure your iPad is updated to iOS8 or greater by going to:
Settings → General → About → Version

Next, you need to get the AirPrint compatible printer on the same Network as the iPad. Each printer is configured differently, so check the included guide or online for more info.

To check that the iPad is on the network, make sure Wifi is enabled and the network name is shown in:
Settings → Wifi

Note that a cellular iPad will need to be connected to a Wifi connection in order to AirPrint.

Once everything is ready, open the Secret Settings page, enable Badge Printing, and select your AirPrint Printer. Badges will automatically begin printing when a guest signs in.

The Inside app supports all AirPrint compatible printers, but our current known compatibility list includes models:

  • Brother QL-710W
  • Brother QL-720NW

Please let us know about your AirPrint experiences with Inside! We want to support any AirPrint compatible printer you want to use for your front desk!

Inside Administration

Unlocking the Secret Settings page.

On the main screen of the app, swipe from right to left over the clock with three fingers. You will be prompted for the admin password set during the setup process of Inside.

In case you have any issues, Inside will set a new temporary password and email it to the administrator email after 8 failed attempts. Just use it quickly because it expires shortly after!

Here's a hint

Place three fingers directly on the clock at the bottom of the screen, then just swipe all three to the left. When done correctly, you will immediately be prompted for the admin password.

If you don't get it the first time, try a few more times in slightly different places. Once you get a hang of it, you will nail it every time.

Don't forget the coversheet for the TPS report!

All you need to do is the three finger swipe gesture, type in your password, then you will see reporting options in the Secret Settings page.

You can email yourself either a report for a specific date by tapping and changing the date, or a complete report of all your visitor info.

If you are running the Enterprise edition, simply login to your account on the website and click 'Report' on the Visits or Visitors page.

The Visit Report will contain all your visit records and completed form values that your guests entered on the iPad.

The Visitor Report will run an analysis on your guests and provide information on total time spent as well as the number of Visits.

Let's take a look at the blueprints...

Inside stores all Visit records securely on the device. If you enable iCloud, all of this information is backed up to your iTunes account.

The Enterprise edition uploads all Visitor records to your account in the cloud. You can manage Users, Locations, Devices, Contacts, Visitors, and Messages all through the website.

Oh those!

All of the signatures are securely stored as JPG images on the device. They will not be sent in the email report because of the simplicity of the CSV reporting.

Once you unlock the Enterprise edition, all signatures are uploaded and stored in your cloud-based account and available through the website.

You may also download PDF versions of the signed agreement by viewing an individual record in your account and clicking the 'Signed Agreement' button.

We are currently developing additional PDF reporting options that will allow exporting of signatures and photographs, so please stay tuned for an update!


Try out QR Scanning

Repeat guests can use the QR feature to prepopulate the form with their information. The first time a visitor uses Inside, they will receive an email with a QR attachment for future visits. When they scan their QR code, it will either present a prepopulated signin form or automatically signout the visitor.

The QR code can be scanned from a smart phone or even printed and taped on anything convenient such as a bag or badge!

To send a QR code before their visit, check out the Preregistration feature to schedule a date and time and send an email with QR and calendar-invite attachments.

Generating new QR

Inside currently generates the QR code upon signin using the guest's information and does not support altering. Each QR code is unique to that guest and linked to their email address. If changes need to be made to the QR, a new code can be generated by editing the populated form fields and using the updated QR attachment sent upon signin.

Here's your itinerary!

Preregistration is the best way to invite guests to your organization! By scheduling a visit in advance, you can send an email with directions, parking information, setup an introduction by CCing a Contact, and prefill the Visit form for easier signing in.

To preregister a new visitor, simply click the preregistration tab under Visits to get started. To invite a previous guest back, navigate to their Visitor profile and click "Preregister" to complete the remaining fields and options.

Who's in the Building?

The website features a "Signed In" report that automatically resyncs every 60 seconds.

Feel free to leave a tab open in your browser or mirror it up on a television or display for your employees.

In case of emergency, simply login to your account on your mobile phone to get a quick rundown of the "Signed In" report.

Goodbye Everyone!

The Signed In report on the website has a "Signout All" button that allows you to signout all Visitors for a specified Location and time.

Enterprise Edition

It's time to upgrade!

After you make your account on the website, we will ask for your billing and credit card information. We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. After your information is verified, your account will immediately be Enterprise enabled.

Simply Affordable

Upgrading to the Enterprise edition is $9.99 monthly or $100 annually per location. Administrators can manage locations on the website which simply adds or removes subscriptions to your account.

Each month or year, the billing will auto-renew your active locations unless you cancelled your subscription. Administrators will be reminded and invoiced via email for each renewal period.

Go ahead and take the plunge

After entering your billing and credit card information, you will automatically get the complete Enterprise edition with a two week trial for a monthly subscription or a month long trial for an annual subscription. If you are happy with what you get, just continue using the app and we will automatically bill and invoice you for your first subscription. You can cancel at any time during your trial or subscription.

We love themes and hope you do too!

Custom themes are available as an Enterprise feature. Our suggested guidelines are:

  • Save it as a PNG format with transparent background
  • The theme size is 1024px width by 768px height for non-retina displays
  • A retina display uses a doubled size, 2048px width by 1536px height
  • Do not integrate your logo into the background theme, the separate "company logo" will float in the foreground and supports screen rotation
  • Be aware that the theme will receive a background blurred effect, so refrain from using sharp text


When you subscribe to the Enterprise edition, our advertisements will be disabled on all of your linked iPads and removed from all message footers.

Who you here to see?

Contacts can be uploaded per location on the website. Simply select a Location, click "Upload Contacts", and build your contact list using the provided template. The form will allow you to upload the list and provide record by record results. When you need to make changes to a location's contacts, simply upload a new list to overwrite the previous.

Once the contacts are uploaded to the location, they will automatically be available to all the iPads linked under that location. Using the Custom Forms in the Secret Settings page, add a new field of type "POC Lookup" to begin using the Contact feature in the app.

Developers and IT

About Custom URL Schemes!

A URL scheme allows iOS apps to inter-communicate over custom defined URLs. The Inside app is registered to communicate over the atfrontdesk:// custom scheme.

If you would like to simply open the Inside app directly from any other app, simply open the URL defined with our custom scheme such as:


Inside also supports pre-filling a signin form using URL paramaters over the signin host. Here is an example to prefill the first and last name fields:


Feel free to send us requests for more supported features over custom URL schemes!

Our HTML messages

Inside supports sending Rich-Text Messages over email by giving administrators full control of the contents of each type of message. You may use the default editor to quickly enter and format contents.

Since the Messages are HTML format, you may optionally switch over to Code View using the button and markup any valid HTML tags. Please note that our messages will not support scripts or frames.

On our roadmap...

Inside currently does not support any developer services since our core client demographic are not dev-savvy users but rather office administrators, business owners, physicians, or principals at schools.

We do hear your requests from time to time and we do have plans on introducing our APIs at a future date. Stay tuned, we are very likely starting with an API for managing Contacts in order for you to script and automate the process!

One more thing...

Our security follows the best practices in the industry!

Inside is trusted by thousands of companies and organizations from all industries around the globe.

Our Team is well seasoned in multiple departments of the US federal government, working in classified systems with highly confidential data, tightly defined procedures, and detailed auditing.

Inside relies on the iPad's native on-disk encryption and keychain to store all information and settings locally. Data in transit uses strong modern encryption over a TLS connection.

The Inside website lives in Amazon Web Services (AWS), an industry-standard scalable cloud computing provider. Our systems are locked down, patched regularly, and are backed-up on a frequent schedule.

All billing is processed by Recurly, a subscription automation platform powering leading companies. No credit card or billing information is stored by Inside.

Looking for more?

We generally update the Inside app and website quarterly. Critical bug fixes are done immediately depending on Apple's reviewing timeframe.

Cool new stuff on our roadmap

We will be introducing Apple Passbook/Wallet and iBeacon support, signout workflow customization, as well as additional reporting options soon. Stay tuned!

Ship it overseas!

Inside is available on the App Stores for the USA, Canada, Mexico, and all member states of the European Union (EU). As of the latest release, Inside currently supports English, French, and Italian localization. Worldwide expansion is arriving shortly, with additional localization support for Spanish, and Korean coming next. Stay tuned for updates in your region or let us know if you can help out! All transactions will be in US dollars (USD).

Calling all gadgets!

Other Tablets are on our roadmap, but has not been requested from our users. Because of how we have prioritized our feature requests and enhancements, a target release date has not yet been chosen.

We are here to help

Our clients agree, we offer superb customer service.

Feel free to contact the team, we would be more than happy to answer your questions and listen to your suggestions.